World of Lies

I live in the world of lies. Oh God. How I wanted to live in the real world like the other people. But unfortunately  I realized it sucks.


I Ain’t Sorry for Fucking Nothin’ I Done

Stefani’s mother told her when she was young:

“we’re all born superstars”

Well, she wasn’t “that” right about me. I wasn’t born a superstar. Au contrair. My life had always been a mess. Is this the real life? Unfortunately, it is. Everytime I start something new, I screw it up. Always. No matter how hard I try to accomplish my mission. Why do I always have to fail? People are always criticizing me, saying I’m weak and undifferent about my problems. Very fine for them to say that, right? They’re rich and full of self-esteem, everything goes right for all of them. Actually they can raise a building with just a blink of an eye. I got a lot of self-esteem too, but I’m a human being. I commit mistakes, I suffer and have needs which need to be supplied. I’m timid and I should get my confidence back. But wait… Did I have confidence before? That’s an interesting point I’m so not going to expose. At least not now. All I can say is: I have no regrets. I know I went wrong , but nobody really cared about my problems and didnt even try to help me in those hard times. They don’t give a damn about me. So, nobody can expect nothing from me.


Loser. That is so me.


Paul McCartney in Brazil


Now I can say it loud, because it is definitely true. I’m totally aware of how important this is. It’s not a lie, not even a dream. 17 years later, Sir Paul McCartney is finally here in Sao Paulo city to play his Up and Coming Tour concert in Brazil on November 21 and 22. Tonight will be an amazing night to all the brazilian fans.

The greatest musician of all time will take us away on this Magical Mystery Tour to perform his solo hits and mainly the Beatles hits like Eleanor Rigby, Drive My Car and Hey Jude. Many fans had been camping out for days just to ensure they could get the best spot ever.

This is actually my first ‘serious business’ show. When I was younger, I hadn’t money enough to watch my favourite singers at stage. And then I realized: I had lost a lot of concerts that I wanted to go so badly and I couldn’t. I would be very angry with myself if I lost my only chance to see Paul at stage.

Who never wanted to see Sir Macca at stage? He’s a legend, a truly talented man who plays with his heart in every single song. I can’t wait to watch The Up and Coming Tour. He promised us he would come and guess what: he did.

Brazil loves you, yeah yeah yeah. Let’s rock the house in Sao Paulo city, dude.

What a Girl Really Wants?


It was a cold twilight. A pretty woman was sitting alone in the plaza seat. After a hard day at her depressing job, “need my bed” were only three words she could think about. Sadness had eaten all over her tiny and sensitive body. While the cold breeze was cutting her face, a very good-looking man wearing trendy clothes and sunglasses sat next to her. Something really good had happened to her, after all. The man seemed sad. Did he want to cry? Dont think so. Men don’t cry. However, he seemed tough too. If he were really sad, of course he wouldnt demonstrate. He kept staring at nothing, just like her. He just didnt know how to start the talk. And she realized. She wanted to laugh, but she didnt: she was too tired to force her face muscles. Five. Ten. She was getting more and more furious: the guy persisted in silence. Fifteen. Twelve minutes. That was enough. She lifted up and went to flirt the man who was sitting on the other side of the street. The other guy didnt get anything, but he liked it for sure (or not, who knows): a perfect woman suddenly falls  from the skies above and starts a conversation with him. If she were an assailant or a kidnapper? Good for him. Don’t act like Raj from Big Bang Theory: you dont need to be pie-eyed or “do the emotional” to talk with a gorgeous female.

Women certainly want the men to take the lead. They perfectly can take the lead, we all know they have self-esteem enough. Why men can be such wusses?, they say. She’s tired. So fucking what? She still wants the guy (a.k.a you) who’s sitting next to her ask her out or invite her to the movies.


Don’t be such a wuss. Ask her out, you lady!

How I Got Fired?

Betcha don’t know how I got fired. Do you really want to know what was on my mind on that day? I tell you: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. Big whoop, I know… anyway. I got fired three weeks ago. And it seems like an eternity. Unfortunately, the day from hell isn’t over yet.

Let me start from the top: my boss asked me to enter the “little room” (that’s how we refer here), where all the serious subjects happen. Three words: bunch-of-reasons. He said I did a great job there, he always liked my blog/website texts about their stuff and all that blablabla. My boss and his assistant said they would miss me. It’s hard to believe them. Here inside of me, I know that they dont give a damn about my firing with all that lines saying: “you’re great, you’ll find somethin you really fit in, we’re going to miss you” and blablablabla. Argh. Cant even think about it.

The fact is: some new employees were hired, including a journalist and a new assistant. This new journalist makes another kind of job, totally different from mine. Just saying. Anyway, he fired me because he needed to cut off the budget and, sooner or later, I would have to go. I did like my job so much, but you know… life must go on. The show must go on. I wont lie to you: I was a little bit sad with this happening. But as Paul McCartney once said: “Obladi, Oblada… Life goes on, bra. La La how the life goes on”. Otherwise, the job wasnt a big deal *whocares* I know I deserve more than that.

I do know somethin really good waits for me in music, arts… things like that. I wont miss my job, I swear to you. I swear to God. I didnt let even one tear fall down. They dont deserve them. I’m so strong for that. I need to be even more prepared when it all falls apart and blows up in my face. Dont worry about me. Believe me, I’m ok. Alright. That’s it.

Till death do them part?

– Hello?
– Hi. It’s me. How’s your life, babe?
– Like everybody else’s. Subject to entropy, decay and eventual death. Thank you for asking.
– How’s the weather?
– The weather’s fine. The sun is up, the sky is blue.
– Hm, good for you. The sun had faded away in here. All I can see is a cloudy sky. Actually, not only the sky’s blue here. I’m the bluest guy in the whole world, you know why? Cos I’m missing you. I’d be so much better if you were here with me. How I love you.
– Oh really? /sarcasm sign lifted up
– You may think I’m a liar.
– Not at all. I think your penis was casted (by you, of course: who else would it be?) to play the role of brain. Let me break it down for you: YOU-THINK-WITH-YOUR-PENIS. That’s all.
– To be true to you, I must be sure from the very start: I’m totally digging you. I don’t even know how can I explain all of this chaos on my mind. Let me see: I can easily die without feeling your skin next to mine.
– Now it’s my turn to be honest with you: I’m in love with someone else. And besides, I… er… ok, here it go: I thought you were the major of gaytown. That’s it, yeah.
– What?
– I begging you: please don’t rain on my parade.
– Again: what?
– Oh Dear Lord, don’t play the fool to me!
– What the hell are you talking about?
– I really do know what is the fruit you really like it.
– Holy crap on a cracker! Please, don’t tell anyone. Have mercy on me.
– Ok, but you gotta promise one thing.
– What?
– Don’t steal him away from me.
– Who?
– I can’t tell you who is he. You may thieve him, mwah.