Glee’s 2×16 Original Song


Glee’s Original Song was truly epic. As the other singing competitions, they did great. Blaine kissed Kurt. This was actually Kurt’s first kiss. Karofsky’s didnt count it. Brittany didnt count it too cos Kurt wasnt being himself there. He was totally faking his masculinity. He was just making out with Brittany. That’s why I think it didnt count it. Rachel’s pain caused by Finn and Quinn (bitch) inspired her to compose Get it Right. Great and so much emotional song. Loser like me was nice too, but Rachel Berry totally blew me away! And at last but not least: Kurt’s Blackbird cover was awesome too. This is the second “Beatles” solo he sings. The first one was I Want To Hold Your Hand in Grilled Cheesus. Mercedes’ Hell to the No song made me roll on the floor. Only Child, sung and composed by Rachel was so… weird. hahahaha Anyway, they’re going to Nationals, you freak bitches!


Paul McCartney in Brazil


Now I can say it loud, because it is definitely true. I’m totally aware of how important this is. It’s not a lie, not even a dream. 17 years later, Sir Paul McCartney is finally here in Sao Paulo city to play his Up and Coming Tour concert in Brazil on November 21 and 22. Tonight will be an amazing night to all the brazilian fans.

The greatest musician of all time will take us away on this Magical Mystery Tour to perform his solo hits and mainly the Beatles hits like Eleanor Rigby, Drive My Car and Hey Jude. Many fans had been camping out for days just to ensure they could get the best spot ever.

This is actually my first ‘serious business’ show. When I was younger, I hadn’t money enough to watch my favourite singers at stage. And then I realized: I had lost a lot of concerts that I wanted to go so badly and I couldn’t. I would be very angry with myself if I lost my only chance to see Paul at stage.

Who never wanted to see Sir Macca at stage? He’s a legend, a truly talented man who plays with his heart in every single song. I can’t wait to watch The Up and Coming Tour. He promised us he would come and guess what: he did.

Brazil loves you, yeah yeah yeah. Let’s rock the house in Sao Paulo city, dude.