Everyday I write the book


Chapter 1

My life sucks.

Chapter 2

It sucks even more. I could even kill myself 2nite.

Chapter 3

And then appears you, Penny Lane.

Chapter 4

Suddenly I fall in love with Penny.

Chapter 5

I’ve been dumped by her. That cruel, heartless, evil bitch.

Chapter 6

My angry is gone. I think I still love her. I decided to put all my suffering into a book.

Chapter 7

My book turns into a best-seller all around the world. The title: Memoirs of a Dumped Guy

Chapter 8

Curiously, you fall into me and see ribbons of colours. I mean, you ‘re really loving me (or my fame?) You know, love and fame in the same sentence… that’s about a dangerous game. Really dangerous.

Chapter 9

After all, I have learned to love myself before anyone else.

Chapter 10

Penny doesnt get this – really hard for her to understand – and she didnt want to let me go.

Chapter 11

She’d rather be blind than see me with another girl.

Chapter 12

Guess what? I fell in love with Fresh Daisy. Somebody made especially for me.

Chapter 13

Months later, I saw her with another guy.

Chapter 14

I realized that I was really born to live alone.
But I have a voice.
And I need this voice to live.
And I should learn how to use it.
It’s my way to express myself.
Hurt it or not, that’s who I am.
And, if God gave me a life I have to face it.
Every single day I’m writing the book. My book.
This ain’t the last chapter. Yet.
And I really dont know when it’ll be finished.



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